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* October 5th - Ticket to the Twenties at the Homestead Museum - City of Industry
* October 6th - 10th: MAFCA National Canyonland Tour, Knab UT
* October 9th (2nd Wednesday):  6:30pm Board Meeting and 7:00 General Meeting at Gallatin Elementry in Downey.  There is also a special no-host pre-meeting dinner at 4:30pm.  Visit the group at Chris' & Pitt's   9243 Lakewood Blvd, Downey
* October 9th - 12th: Hershey Swap Meet, Hershey PA

* October 20th - San Fernando Valley MAFCA Classic Car Show and Swap Meet in Chatsworth
* November 2nd: F.A.S.T. Hill Climb, Murrietta CA
* December 2nd - 5th: National Awards Banquet, Pomona Valley Model A Club - Claremont CA     
* December 7th - Diamond Tread Holiday Installation Banquet - Frantone's Restaurant in Downey