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Our organization name is Diamond Tread Chapter, Model A Ford Club of America.

Thank you for visiting our Internet site.

Greetings and welcome to our site.  This is Diamond Tread's 50th year as a club (officially on March 14th 2019)! 
Happy New Year and a New Decade... 2020 is here, as is your new Board of Directors!  Will this decade be the Roaring 20's as we saw in the 20th century or something entirely more elaborate?  The last decade brought us many advancements, however our Model A's still retain their glamour.  Can't wait to see how we humans evolve enough to make this ever changing world in which we live in a better place.  As we Californian's breeze through another winter (compared to the rest of the nation), please take the opportunity to find some good weather this month to get your Model A's out on the road.  
The 2020 Board of directors are: 
President: Larry Ryan 
Vice President: Steve Sixt 
Secretary: LeRoy Kehret 
Treasurer: Louise Beckly 
Membership: Vicky Bartlett 
Hospitality Directory: Judy Thomas 
Historian/Publicity Director: Bonnie Ryan 
Tour Director: J.C. Stephenson 
Fund/Picnic Coordinator: Bob Toerge 
Webmaster: Mark Simons 
Henry's Helpers Director: Chuck Mayhew 
Editor: Vicky Bartlett  
Please take a look at the January newsletter for details on: results of the Installation Banquet, Details on the January tour and the fantastic story behind it, results of the 64th Annual Horseless Carriage Club Holiday Motor Excursion, photos from the MAFCA Awards Banquet, Toys for Tots and Christmas Fund Raiser at Ruben and Annie Rojas.  Don't miss Vicky's celebrity selfie.  

You might want to see Diamond Tread represented in the installation of a new top (Cartouche Upholstery Kit) onto a 1931 AA Platform Truck.  Check it out via: https://youtu.be/0wyeRT3uZ3Y 
If you are a club member that would like their car posted in the "Our Cars" section, please send a jpg file to WebMaster@diamondtread.com.  Accompany that picture with year and model style.  If you have any comments or corrections, please also forward those to WebMaster@diamondtread.com

The Diamond Tread Newsletter is sent electronically in a .pdf format, to everyone that wants a copy.  If you are interested, please send your name and eMail address where the pdf can be sent to both the Editor and Webmaster entries below.  This will allow us to cross check that all requests have been satisfied.  Just to bring everything full circle, that eMail broadcast will have a link to the Diamond Tread Web Site.

Every club needs a little help and our advertisers help make it all happen.  Please patronize all of our advertisers.

Look forward to seeing you at the next meeting... happy driving.

The purpose of our club is to:

  • Enjoy, Preserve and Protect the Model A Ford
  • Serve as a medium in the exchange of ideas, information and parts
  • Aid in efforts to restore Model A's to their original likeness
  • Help members to become better acquainted, encourage and maintain the spirit of good fellowship, sociality and fair play through sponsored activities, including the use of the Model A Ford and family participation
  • Be non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-partisan.  As a non-profit organization

General Membership Meetings

                     Second Wednesday of Month
                      Gallatin Elementary School        

                      9513 S. Brookshire Ave
                      Downey, CA   90241
                                 7:00 PM   <== Please note new General Meeting start time

Mail Address
                         P.O. Box 4563
                      Downey, CA 90241

If you are not familiar with our organization and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.

Board of Directors

President:   Larry Ryan  (

Vice President: Steve Sixt  (Vicepresident@diamondtread.com )

Secretary:   LeRoy Kehret    (Secretary@diamondtread.com)

Newsletter Editor: Vicky Bartlett (Editor@diamondtread.com)

Treasure: Louise Beckley  (Treasurer@diamondtread.com)

Membership: Vicky Bartlett  (Membership@diamondtread.com)

Hospitality: Judy Thomas  (Hospitality@diamondtread.com)

Tour Director: J.C. Stephenson  (TourDirector@diamondtread.com)

Historian: Bonnie Ryan  (Historian@diamondtread.com)

Fund/Picnic Coordinator: Bob Toerge  (FundCoord@diamondtread.com)

Web Master: Mark Simons      (WebMaster@diamondtread.com)