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Our organization name is Diamond Tread Chapter, Model A Ford Club of America.

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Happy New Year and Diamond Tread... Happy 50th Anniversary!
I would like to start out wishing you and yours a fantastic, healthy and drive-able  2019!  As is usual, I would like to recap 2018: 
* January: Larry Ryan agreed to retain his position of Diamond Tread President (as did most of the Board) and lead the club into another great year. Lorliene Sixt became Secretary, Judy Thomas officially named Hospitality Director, Bonnie Ryan stepped up to Historian and J.C. Stephenson named Tour Director. Editor Emeritus proclaimed 2018 the year of forgiveness and guaranteed 2018 to be fun, if we don't take it too seriously.   
* February: Diamond Tread participated in the So Cal Regional MAFCA meeting, with mention of concerns of other chapters merging due to low membership.  It was noted that Diamond Tread membership is doing well!  Nethercutt Collection and the Automated Musical Instrument of Jack Conway were tour destinations. 
* March: Henry's Helpers were at it again this month, with Chuck helping new member Lloyd Ikerd with his Model B carburetor and Carolyn Ingwersen on her Coupe. JC assisted LeRoy and Don Henry with their cars.  Tour this month was to Lloyd Ikerd's private collection. 
* April: An annual highlight is to attend the Orange County MAFCA's annual Pancake Breakfast at Heart Park in Orange. This year was the 57th anniversary of bringing Model A enthusiasts and friends together. 
* May:  This was the first Joe Morgan Memorial Model A Road Trip.  JC and Charlie jumped in to help Luke prep for that Road Trip.  Chuck Mayhew  was honored at Superbay Hangar 12 with the prestigious Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award. * June: Another audit was completed to show the exemplary job at keeping the Diamond Tread Finances in order.  The "From the Bench" provided recommendations of installing seat belts and referenced the Les Andrews Mechanics Handbook vol 2 and How to Restore Your Model A vol 6.  Clara Voyant made her presence after a long absence
* July: It was reported that there were 63 Model A's and Model T's at the annual Henry Ford Picnic, making it another successful event - thanks to everyone that assisted. JC, Ralph and Chuck helped Mark Williams on his newly acquired 1928 AA 1-1/2 Ton Stake Truck
* August: New members Wayne and Martie Wiedle brings two Model A's to the club, after seeing the club at the annual "Kay Trail Picnic In The Park" meeting. LeRoy Kehret shared with the community the preparation and attendance of his first convention.
* September: Don Henry and Mark Williams invited the Board Of Directors to Gondola Getaway in the canals and waterways of Naples Island. Mark Williams' 1928 AA 1-1/2 Ton Stake Truck was featured in the newsletter
* October: Ticket to the Twenties was attended by Diamond Tread. Henry's Helpers were at it again this month with help to Steve Sixt and Luke
* November: Larry noted Ticket to the Twenties was much enjoyed and of the purchase of a '31 Coupe. JC pitched in as a Henry's Helper and assisted Judy and Steve
* December: Larry Ryan once again rang in the new Board of Directors and thanked the 2018 Board Members for their support for the year.  Larry also reported on the 63nd annual Horseless Carriage Holiday Motor Excursion, that he looks forward to each year

With great sadness we have learned that a long time Diamond Tread member Dick Brennan passed away.  Dick was on the Board Of Directors when the Diamond Tread Chapter was formed back on March 14th, 1969.  Please read more about Dick's contributions in the Newsletter.

The Diamond Tread Newsletter is sent electronically in a .pdf format, to everyone that wants a copy.  If you are interested, please send your name and eMail address where the pdf can be sent to both the Editor and Webmaster entries below.  This will allow us to cross check that all requests have been satisfied.  Just to bring everything full circle, that eMail broadcast will have a link to the Diamond Tread Web Site.

Every club needs a little help and our advertisers help make it all happen.  Please patronize all of our advertisers.

Look forward to seeing you at the next meeting... happy driving.

The purpose of our club is to:

  • Enjoy, Preserve and Protect the Model A Ford
  • Serve as a medium in the exchange of ideas, information and parts
  • Aid in efforts to restore Model A's to their original likeness
  • Help members to become better acquainted, encourage and maintain the spirit of good fellowship, sociality and fair play through sponsored activities, including the use of the Model A Ford and family participation
  • Be non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-partisan.  As a non-profit organization

General Membership Meetings

                     Second Wednesday of Month
                      Gallatin Elementary School        

                      9513 S. Brookshire Ave
                      Downey, CA   90241
                                 7:00 PM   <== Please note new General Meeting start time

Mail Address
                         P.O. Box 4563
                      Downey, CA 90241

If you are not familiar with our organization and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.

Board of Directors

President:   Larry Ryan  (

Vice President: Steve Sixt  (Vicepresident@diamondtread.com )

Secretary:   Loriene Sixt    (Secretary@diamondtread.com)

Newsletter Editor: Vicky Bartlett (Editor@diamondtread.com)

Treasure: Louise Beckley  (Treasurer@diamondtread.com)

Membership: Laura Miller  (Membership@diamondtread.com)

Hospitality: Judy Thomas  (Hospitality@diamondtread.com)

Tour Director: J.C. Stephenson  (TourDirector@diamondtread.com)

Historian: Bonnie Ryan  (Historian@diamondtread.com)

Fund/Picnic Coordinator: Bob Toerge  (FundCoord@diamondtread.com)

Web Master: Mark Simons      (WebMaster@diamondtread.com)