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June 16, 1903 (121 years ago) was the birth of the Ford Motor Company. A replica of the Mack Avenue factory can be seen at the Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan. Henry Ford and a group of 11 investors laid the foundation of Ford Motor Company. The initial capital investment amounted to $28,000, and the company began with just ten employees. Despite its humble beginnings, the company’s mission to produce automobiles that were both affordable and efficient set it apart from its competitors. The first Ford Model A was sold on July 23, 1903. By October 1, 1903 the Ford Motor Company had turned a profit of $37,000.

As many of you know, the May meeting was cancelled and our Distinguished Speaker presentation was postponed until the June meeting. With that being said, do not miss June's Distinguished Speaker... which will be LeRoy Kehert.


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Hi, I am a member of the national club and the Houston club as well.  I am hoping to find some history on this p.u. that I purchased a year ago in October.  The seller couldn't come up with anything and since he was in Long Beach, I was hoping someone around there might recognize it and get in touch with me.  Mainly I am wanting to know what may have been done on the engine through the years.  It runs well but I am afraid to drive it hard until I know.  The number is the same on the frame and engine, A 3460596. 
Thanks in advance for helping,
Dale Muenzler,
512 289-0027

“Before everything else, getting ready is the secret to success." — Henry Ford