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Early March brought abundant rain to the local area. However, on the day of the club's tour to the Segerstrom Shelby Event Center in Irvine, the weather was perfect. Six Model A's and three modern cars transported club members to this special event. The Event Center possesses an impressive 90+ vehicle Segerstrom Shelby collection, with over 60 of these rare yet spectacular cars on display that day. Rae Segerstrom, who welcomed the group, provided a wonderful overview of how the collection started and expanded over time. She also highlighted unique details about some of the rare Shelby acquisitions. Complementing the Shelby collection was an array of about twenty beautifully restored gas pumps. Particularly fascinating was the 1966 GT350H collection - where "H" stood for Hertz, as you could actually rent one of these cars back then.

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In March, Ed Toleman, the 2024 MAFCA Vice President, was our Distinguished Speaker. He shared numerous engaging "Life Stories" with us, particularly the special story of how he built his first Model A using parts his father challenged him to assemble. If successful, Ed would get to keep the car - a challenge he met and a car he still owns today! This April, Ben Stone will join us as our next Distinguished Speaker to discuss his Model A restoration process. Ben recently received a prestigious MAFCA 2022 Model A Youth Restoration Award, one of only ten presented this year.


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Hi, I am a member of the national club and the Houston club as well.  I am hoping to find some history on this p.u. that I purchased a year ago in October.  The seller couldn't come up with anything and since he was in Long Beach, I was hoping someone around there might recognize it and get in touch with me.  Mainly I am wanting to know what may have been done on the engine through the years.  It runs well but I am afraid to drive it hard until I know.  The number is the same on the frame and engine, A 3460596. 
Thanks in advance for helping,
Dale Muenzler,
512 289-0027

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