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In the history of the Model A, July holds a special significance. On July 24th, 1929, the two millionth Model A was sold, marking a remarkable milestone. What's even more impressive is that just five months earlier, on February 4th, 1929, the sale of the one millionth Model A had taken place. While Diamond Tread may not have as many Model A's registered with our club, it's truly remarkable to be part of a legacy associated with such a remarkable automobile.

The speaker who stole the spotlight in June was none other than LeRoy Kehert! As expected, his presentation was engaging and a big hit with the audience. Get set for a thrilling July gathering with the distinguished Chuck Mayhew (Retired aircraft mechanic and leader of Henry's Helpers), Wayne Wiedle (Past President of the Palomar A's), and Darwin Kibby (Past Technical Director and current Treasurer, Orange County Model A Ford Club). They will be taking questions and sharing their captivating insights on the Model A Ford.

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